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Manual Tow Style Door Mirror - Driver Side Left - Fits OE# 7C2Z 17683 DA

Manual Tow Style Door Mirror - Driver Side Left - Fits OE# 7C2Z 17683 DA

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This is a Brand New Manual Door Mirror. It is a direct replacement and comes ready to install.

  • Specifics:
  • Driver Side Left
  • Manual Remote
  • Tow Style
  • Textured Black Finish
  • TelescopicDual Arm
  • Folding (Swinging)

  • Replaces OE#:
  • 7C2Z 17683 DA, 7C2Z17683DA

  • Interchanges with:
  • Partslink: FO1320238
  • Hollander: 128-00816L